Latte Cup

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A bowl-shaped cup, perfect for lots of latte and if you're keen—some latte art! Its wide shape makes it easy to pour steamed milk into the espresso. The piece is aesthetically balanced with an elegant-yet-sturdy handle and some brush strokes, for that classic look we love at A Ware Studio. 

The cup has food-safe glaze on the outside and inside, with an unglazed raw finish on the base. It is 100% oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Care details

Ceramics, especially in lighter glazes, tend to take on beverage stains over time; please rinse the cup after using it. Use a mild detergent while hand-washing, and a mild cycle if you are using a dishwasher. 

Technical details

Dimensions (height*breadth*diameter): 3*1*4 inches

Volume (in millilitres): 300