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Total no of hours allotted for use: 60 hours / month [Additional time (a maximum of 15 hours) within that particular month can be bought for 4500/- INR]

Validity: 30 days from when you start using the space.

All memberships will be marked null and void, irrespective of hours used / left, after 60 days of purchase of the package.

Price : 14500 INR


Package specific inclusions: 

70 kgs of sandalwood clay (additional clay can be bought from the studio at 55/- INR per kg). Do note that all the clay that comes out of throwing and trimming can be recycled by you for continued use. You will be provided with POP slabs and personal slurry containers.

Pottery Wheel

Slab Roller

Throwing, hand-building & sculpting tools (including throwing bats, banding wheel & armature)

Shelf space for products made

Personal locker (2 ft tall X 1.5 ft wide)

Bisque firing: 1 full kiln load Skutt 818 (This is approximately 18 inches in height.The diameter of each kiln shelf is approximately 15 inches and is hexagonal in shape.The posts available are 1/2/3/4/6 inches)

Glaze firing: 1 full kiln load Skutt 818


Other common inclusions:

Coffee / tea

Selfie / phone mounts

Stationery (Pencils / pens / paper / scribble pads/ rulers etc)

Books to read (not specific to pottery only)

Hand-building stations



Services available at an additional cost:

Bisque firing: 2300/- INR for a full kiln. 575/- for 1 shelf subject to 4 shelves fitting into the kiln.

Glaze firing:  2600/- INR for a full kiln. 650/- for 1 shelf subject to 4 shelves fitting into the kiln.

Glazes: A Ware Studio has a range of 10-12 glazes. Please refer to the table below for glaze material charges (per piece) and ask for the glaze palette.

Glaze dimensions (inches) Amount (per piece)
< 4X 4 35
>4X4 - 6X6 50
>6X6 - 7X7 65
>7X7 - 8X8 70
>8X8 - 9 75
>9 100