Beginner 2

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This program is for potters with prior knowledge of wheel-throwing who want to refine their skills further and get comfortable with throwing with higher amounts of clay. It is recommended as a follow-up course to the Beginner 1 course. 

Objectives: Learn how to—

    • Throw with larger weights (600 grams - 800 of clay)
    • Throw and trim a bowl (with and without foot)
    • Attach lugs to bowls
    • Throw lids
    • Modify a bowl to make decorative and functional pieces
    • Do surface decoration techniques like carving, fluting, wax-resist, ,masking, underglazes, form alteration and stamping etc, as per student interests.
    • Prepare and apply glaze (methods of glazing: dup & dunk, pour & swirl)  

At the end of the course, you will have made a small collection to take home. 

To apply for this course, you should already know how to make cylinders using at least 500 grams of clay.  

Note: You'll be receiving a basic wheel throwing toolkit and an apron as a part of the course as well. Additionally, you can use unlimited open studio hours for practice during the duration of the course, subject to availability of wheels.

Batch Size: 5-6 (A batch may comprise of potters from across varying levels of learning and skills)

Duration: 7 weeks (14 sessions)

    • Weekends | 26th August (Saturday) - 1st October (Sunday) + 1 weekend of glazing (within 7-14 days of 1st)

    • Weekend morning: Saturdays & Sundays | 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
    • Weekend afternoon: Saturdays & Sundays | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


  • Missing Class: You can miss upto two classes during the course. Make up sessions for a maximum of 2 classes will be provided on stipulated dates. The compensatory class dates will be conducted over the weekdays. 

  • Refund: Complete refund will be provided if you request to cancel your seat before 10 AM, 19th of August, 2023. After this date, refund will be provided only if your blocked seat gets occupied by a student on the waitlist or from your end. We will reach out to our database from our end and try to fill the seat in your stead. However, if a replacement is not found before 19th August 2023, no refunds will be provided. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Transferability: The seat can be transferred to a friend or family member only before the class begins. There are no exceptions to this rule.