Package 2: HOBBY 25 POTTERS

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Total no of hours allotted for use: 25 hours / month [Additional time (a maximum of 5 hours) within that particular month can be bought for 1500/- INR]

Validity: 30 days from when you start using the space.

All memberships will be marked null and void, irrespective of hours used / left, after 60 days of purchase of the package.

Price : 7250 INR


Package specific inclusions: 

30 kgs of sandalwood clay (additional clay can be bought from the studio at 55/- INR per kg). Do note that all the clay that comes out of throwing and trimming go into the studio’s recycling tubs.

Pottery Wheel

Slab Roller

Throwing, hand-building & sculpting tools (including throwing bats, banding wheel & armature)

Shelf space for products made

Bisque firing: 1/2 kiln load Skutt 818 (This is approximately 8 inches height that could be divided into compartments. The posts available are 1/2/3/4/6 inches. The diameter of each kiln shelf is approximately 15 inches and is hexagonal in shape)


Other common inclusions:

Coffee / tea

Selfie / phone mounts

Stationery (Pencils / pens / paper / scribble pads/ rulers etc)

Books to read (not specific to pottery only)

Hand-building stations



Services available at an additional cost:

Bisque firing: 2300/- INR for a full kiln. 575/- for 1 shelf subject to 4 shelves fitting into the kiln.

Glaze firing:  2600/- INR for a full kiln. 650/- for 1 shelf subject to 4 shelves fitting into the kiln.

Glazes: A Ware Studio has a range of 10-12 glazes. Please refer to the table below for glaze material charges (per piece) and ask for the glaze palette.

Glaze dimensions (inches) Amount (per piece)
< 4X 4 35
>4X4 - 6X6 50
>6X6 - 7X7 65
>7X7 - 8X8 70
>8X8 - 9 75
>9 100