Pourover Without Handle

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This form is the unique creation of A Ware Studio's head potter Namrata Baruah. Her passion for coffee, precision and research means this pourover has been designed to enhance your control over your brew. 

The cone is angled at 60 degrees and can comfortably brew up to two cups of coffee. The varying ridges down the inside of the cone create the ideal space between the filter and the wall, so that the coffee can flow down the outside of the filter seamlessly. 

The pronounced ridges go all the way to the bottom where they meet a hole in the base. A deep ring around the hole channels the coffee straight down into a mug, carafe or decanter. A slight foot keeps the pourover from sliding off. 

The pourover has food-safe glaze on the outside and inside, with an unglazed raw finish on the base. It is 100% oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Care details

Ceramics, especially in lighter glazes, tend to take on beverage stains over time; please rinse the pourover after using it. Use a mild detergent while hand-washing, and a mild cycle if you are using a dishwasher. 

Technical details

Dimensions (length*breadth*diameter): 4*4*4 inches

Filter: 02